Shamanic Healing Sessions and Ceremonies with Brandy Winn

The shamanic healing  and Ceremonies Brandy offers are based on understanding and working with the alchemy of Spirit’s relationship with the Universe.  As a Shamanic Practitioner, Brandy has a deep knowledge of how the Universe reacts to our  thoughts, behaviors, actions, experiences, and expressions. Through each of her sessions, Brandy empowers and guides her clients to create a relationship with the Creative force that expresses in, as, and through us to become an active part in co-creating the life they desire. Brandy believes that every facet of Mother Earth has its own essence and Spirit.  She believes each of those spirits are willing to work with and create relationships directly with us as human beings.  Working in a direct relationship with the world around us allows us to co-create a harmonious and balanced experience for us as individuals having a unique human expression. This belief in Animism and working directly in relationship with Mother Earth is the fundamental basis of this spiritual practice.

Brandy works in harmony with Mother Earth, the Dimensions, and the Spirit Guides to gain clarity, understanding, wisdom, and teachings for her  clients  Information is power and it allows individuals to navigate their lives from different perspectives alleviating confusion, sickness, distress, and more.

There are a variety of Shamanic Practices, Methods, and Ceremonies that Shamans have used for eons.  Brandy has been trained and taught by her teacher, Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing to work with the Spirit Guides for the clarity, guidance, and instruction for what is needed specifically for an individual client’s journey in achieving wholeness.  In utilizing this co-creative process with Great Spirit, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Medicine, Brandy can assist her clients in working through blockages, obstacles, and more to create a space of healing and growth for the Client.

Here are some of the methods, practices, and ceremonies and  that Brandy may use during her private sessions:


It is the fundamental foundation of Shamanic Practices.  Journeying is the inner art of traveling to the invisible worlds beyond ordinary reality to non-ordinary reality to retrieve information.  Brandy will journey on behalf of her Clients to retrieve the information necessary to create and experience a change in any area of their lives, from spirituality and health to work and relationships and more.


The benefits derived from the Shamanic Journeying Practice may include:


  • Gain access to a higher power and your authentic self.
  • Restore balance in your life by gaining clarity, insights, and wisdom in line with your purpose and experience.
  • Develop a deeper relationship and connection with the world around you.

Energetic Cord Removal

Energetic Cords are the emotional energy between two people in any relationship, whether a family relationship, a working relationship, a friendship, or an intimate relationship. We all have them, and they are normal. Our systems continually send out energy and receive energy from our environment and the other energy beings around us. These cords, when positive, can bring about closeness, intimacy, and even a deep sense of love.  When unbalanced, they can bring pain, mental fog, repetition of negative patterns, or even a “leak” of personal energy. Brandy assists the Client in removing these damaged or negative cords by working directly with them and their energetic body to remove the unhealthy cords. The vibrational energy that existed within those cords is returned with gratitude to the source it originated from.

The benefits derived from the Energetic Cord Removal Ceremony may include:


  • Release and gain a shift in perspective and understanding of the pain experienced by unhealthy cords
  • Empowers you by providing you awareness and control of how you decide to use your energy in your life and the world.
  • Creates an energetic shift in relationships with yourself, your family, colleagues, and more.


Astral Projection Healing

This method allows the Shamanic Practitioner to connect directly with their Client remotely in the middle world to conduct the necessary healing work for them.  The middle world is defined as working with spirits and beings that live in all things present in physical reality. During this healing session, Brandy travels directly to the client and connects with them to work with their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.  This comprehensive session allows Brandy to work with the Clients’ spirit guides, ancestors, and their team to complete the necessary healing work.  This work may include: Removing Energetic Blocks, Unhealthy Energetic Cords,  Other Unhealthy Attachments.  Providing Chakra and Energetic Body Alignments.  Bringing back messages, information, and Medicine Gifts back to the client to assist them in creating and experiencing harmony and alignment in their lives.

The benefits derived from the Astral Projection Healing may include:

  • Releases unhealthy patterns and cycles that occur through our thought processes, emotional responses, physical experiences, and spiritual connections to ourselves and others around us.
  • Removes energy blocks that may prevent the flow of energy for the Client—restoring their vitality, stabilizing their energetic body to enhance their life’s experience.
  • Provides direct realignment of the Client with their higher self and their physical expression.  This opens the Client to tools and resources to assist in creating a healthy and harmonious expression and experience in multiple areas of their life.


Ancestral Healing

In essence, being able to look to the ancestors and connect with them, including the pain they’ve experienced and how they might have overcome it. Brandy will travel into the timeline and dimensions through Shamanic Journeying to connect with your ancestors and work with them to achieve the necessary reconciliation and assist the unwell ancestor in attaining health and creating a genetic shift for your ancestral lineage.

The benefits derived from the Ancestral Healing Ceremony may include:

  • Releases negative ideas and programs, in addition to patterns inherited from our parents, ancestors, and religious training.
  • Addresses issues on a cellular level.  Allowing us to work with each of our bodies to create an energetic shift or shifting energy, or making changes in our external lives
  • Facilitates an inner connection to your Spirit, Higher Self and fosters greater clarity about the purpose of life, thereby enhancing your sense of self.

Soul Retrieval

It is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss. Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our current lives or past lives. After experiencing the trauma, a person can lose a part of their vital essence.  For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a severe operation, or suddenly lose a close friend or family member. As a Shamanic Practitioner, Brandy will enter altered states of consciousness to travel into non-ordinary reality to seek lost soul parts that are willing to return from any point in life. Once she has those missing soul pieces, she will assist the Client with the integration process. 

The benefits derived from the Soul Retrieval Ceremony may include:

  • Empowers you to live actively vs. reactively
  • Breaking old patterns – providing you with information to recognize patterning that draws the same situations back into your life.
  • Aids healing for emotional pain and patterns experienced within life

House/Land Clearing & Blessings

These are defined as rituals performed to cleanse and protect a home from unwanted energies, vibrational patterns, and refilling the space with positive energy through blessings and land healing.  All houses, spaces, and land have their energetic vibrational patterns and cycles.  Brandy connects with the specific energy of the home, business, or land to release the unhealthy patterns and cycles.  She works directly with the stewards of the home or land to include their energy into the blessings to create a harmonious relationship for the space, land, and stewards.

The benefits derived from the House/Space/Land Clearing & Blessing Ceremony may include:

  • Dispels and heals the energies that create stress, disharmony, or make you feel not-at-ease in your home or workplace or on your land.
  • Releases the residual discordant energies that others may have left behind.
  • Revitalizes your home/space/land by realigning the energies that will allow you to experience peace, harmony, and joy within your spaces.
  • Creates a balanced, healthy, and harmonious relationship between you and the home/space/land.


    A Shamanic Healing session is an hour and a half in time, and I work on a sliding scale per session of $120-$160. Land/House Clearings and Blessings can be up to 2 hours of time and is a sliding scale between $180-$220 per session. The sliding scale is to honor my clients where they are in their own abundance and prosperity. 

    To sit with me in session, please search my availability.

    Working with Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance: Before achieving forgiveness for others, we truly must work with Self-Forgiveness, first.   During this session, Brandy will be guiding the Client through their journey of Forgiveness and Acceptance by assisting them in navigating the stories they are holding on to, the emotional attachment to these stories, their expression in their physical body, and the spiritual blocks that may were created.  This session is designed to allow the client their fullest and most authentic expression of themselves; to discover the path to self-forgiveness and acceptance. 

    Radical Forgiveness is a Series of 4 sessions.  Each session is 90 minutes.  These sessions can be booked individually or as a block.

    Radical Forgiveness is a 5-step process that gives a spiritual perspective that the person can apply in the manner of self-help in any situation they might be dealing with.

    Radical Forgiveness is a simple and profound process that dissolves the pain attached to our emotionally related problems.  It can be used for various issues and situations ranging from money issues, relationship problems, emotional health, and more. Radical Forgiveness processes assist in the release of toxic pain from old emotional wounds and help free harmful behavior patterns.   During this process, Brandy guides the Client through the five stages of this process, bearing witness to the Clients’ story offering support and creating a safe space for the Client to have their feelings. By connecting with the Client and their spirit guides, Brandy can assist the them in navigating the bigger picture to achieve peace and harmony with the experience.

    • Session 1:

      Radical Forgiveness Consultation & Introduction.  During this session, Brandy will connect with the Client and their guides to provide insights, clarity, and understanding as the Radical Forgiveness Process begins.

    • Session 2:

      Working with Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance: Before achieving forgiveness for others, we truly must work with Self-Forgiveness, first.   During this session, Brandy will be guiding the Client through their journey of Forgiveness and acceptance by assisting them in navigating the stories they are holding on to, the emotional attachment to these stories, their expression in their physical body, and the spiritual blocks that may were created.  This session is designed to allow the client their fullest and most authentic expression of themselves to discover the path to self-forgiveness and acceptance. 

    • Session 3:

      Now that we have Navigated ourselves and discovered Forgiveness and acceptance for ourselves, we can begin looking at other scenarios in our life and start doing the forgiveness work for others with the Radical Forgiveness Process.  During this session, Brandy will guide the Client through the 5-step process, assisting them in telling their story, navigating their emotions, discovering the bigger picture, reframing the experiences, and facilitating a safe space for integration.

    • Session 4:

      Radical Forgiveness Integration Session:  This session is designed to guide the Client into integrating their new tools and how they carry and utilize these tools into their everyday lives.


      There are many benefits derived from the Radical Forgiveness processes for yourself and others, which may include:

      -Promotes health and well-being, allowing the Client to release tension and anxiety associated with past events and traumas.  

      -Releases negative attachments that have kept the Client emotionally connected to former partners, friends, and those who have caused them pain or harm. 

      -Creates awareness, understanding, and acceptance of past negative experiences and relationships.

      -Empowers the Client to enjoy a new path forward with a more enriching, loving, and peaceful life.  


          Each session is 90 minutes, and the 4-session series can be booked individually or in a block of 4 sessions. Individual bookings must be paid before each session at $120. The 4-session block must be paid before the first session at $440 ($40 discount)

          To sit with me in session, please search my availability.