Online Workshops with Otter Dance

Explore, learn, and grow with Otter Dance’s Online Workshops.

Your sacred journey is uniquely yours, and we are here to walk alongside you, illuminating your path.

Our workshops are crafted with a singular purpose — to meet you precisely where you are on your spiritual path. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the enigmatic world of shamanism or you’re a seasoned traveler, our workshops offer unique opportunities for everyone to learn, expand, and flourish.

The essence of Earth Medicine encompasses honor, love, and respect. It’s about nurturing a profound connection with yourself and the world that surrounds you. It’s recognizing that you are an integral thread in the intricate tapestry of existence and that every element in the cosmos is a reflection of your own essence. In the wisdom of our Elders and the dreams of our children, we uncover the unity that binds us as One.

At Otter Dance, we believe in supporting your autonomy on your spiritual journey. Our workshops provide the tools, practices, and principles that empower you to fully engage with your unique path. They guide you toward a deeper connection with your divine purpose, effortlessly weaving the rich tapestry of shamanism and animism into your individual experiences.

Starter Kit

Our starter kit is designed for anyone who is just beginning the exploration of animism and shamanism and looking for a place to start. Within the starter kit, you will get to know Robbie and Brandy and what brought them into shamanism.

Working with Altars

This is a way to enhance a practice you already have. The course is a self-paced with 7 unique sessions that dive into Altars; how to create one, its importance while giving you the opportunity to have active practice follow each of the sessions.

28-Days of Intention

Studies show it takes 28-days to create a new habit. Join me virtually for the next 28-days and let’s set our intention of the day. I’ll use the Shamanic Wisdom cards, that are based on the Wheel of Life, as a daily guide for contemplation.

Fundamental Series

These virtual courses are here to connect with people at any point in their spiritual journey. Explore the basics of Animism and Earth Medicine Practices, making them perfect for beginners curious about these subjects or anyone wanting to strengthen their foundational knowledge. Whether you’re starting fresh or aiming to deepen your spiritual insights, our “Fundamentals” courses offer a strong foundation for your personal growth and exploration.

Essential Series

These courses are the next step beyond our “Fundamental Series,” designed to build upon your foundational knowledge. These courses offer a deeper dive into your spiritual journey, empowering you through hands-on practices and real-life examples. They’re crafted to help you unfold your path and practice with confidence and insight.

Shamanic Journey Essentials

The Shamanic Journey is a powerful tool that is accessible to all of us who seek a stronger connection to the Spirits that support us. This support brings clarity and guidance for a more empowered experience in our own lives.

Healer's Guide to the World

As a Healer you have learned and practiced the techniques of your modality. Developing the skills you need to hold a healing space for your clients goes far beyond the teachings of your modality. We’ll explore the unique challenges healers face.

3-Course Bundle - Animism in a Modern World, Working with Altars & Shamanic Journey Essentials

We have bundled together some essential teachings, practices and experiences from 3 larger courses on Animism, Altars and Journeying for a well-rounded general teaching. 

Living a Life of Intention

Expand your self-awareness and connection to the world. During this self-paced 12-module course, you will explore your intentional life through soul assignments that may challenge you to stretch beyond your everyday experience.

Ancestral Reconciliation

This is guided work that facilitates removing blocks and patterns that have been in families for generations. Reconciling the trauma, harmful beliefs, and actions of our ancestors, opening the way for deep healing.

Earth Medicine Wellness

In this course, we will come together in community and learn practices and tools used by ancient cultures around the world to discover a new way to navigate our temples bringing us closer to wellness and peacefulness as a whole being.

Deep Dive Series

Offering an immersive experience, empowering you to build harmonious relationships with the world around you. These courses deepen your understanding and help you develop a spiritual practice that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, becoming a fundamental part of who you are. They build upon your foundations and experiences, enabling you to fully embrace spirituality as an integral aspect of your life.