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“We are connected to nature. We are part of creation just as any animal or plant or river or tree. Yet we are the only ones who spend our lives trying to disconnect. Remember where you come from and let yourself feel the wildness and the beauty of creation.” Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing

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 Otter Dance is dedicated to the Spiritual Path of Earth Medicine and Animism, honoring Spirit in all things.
EVERYTHING is sacred from the largest mountain to the smallest plant and animal.  A lesson can be found in all things and experiences and everything has a purpose. To sum up Earth Medicine; it is about HONOR, LOVE, and RESPECT. Not only love, honor, and respect for Creator and Mother Earth but also every living thing. It is about being in touch with oneself and everything around you. It is about knowing and understanding that you are part of everything, and everything is a part of you. Our Elders hold the answers, and our children hold the future.  We are all One.

We honor Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow by carrying his teachings and wisdoms forward in our practices, ceremonies, and teachings. For decades, Joseph has shared his Mystical and Visionary view of spirituality with people around the world. His approach to ceremony and healing is from a Native American perspective. Joseph teaches from his visions and insights, but does not share the sacred practices held only for his Tribes. In this way, we are introduced to a new vision of spiritual connection that is accessible to all who seek it.

Joseph Rael

Earth Medicine Courses

Robbie guides her students on an exploration of ancient teachings, wisdoms, and ceremonies that prove to be relevant today.  Students are empowered to open their heart and embrace their own truth and discover their calling to service for their self and others.

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This is an extensive online mentorship program providing you a living, breathing, continuous, interactive workshop in Animism and Shamanism; personal and spiritual growth.

In addition to the weekly live event, you’ll also receive immediate access to more than 100 hours of teachings, instruction and ceremonies. 

Through our private facebook group, you’ll be able to access this content for a continuous self paced learning experience. Each month we’ll add a minimum of 6 new hours of content for our members.

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“We are the Ancestors, what we do and who we are matters. We are at a pivotal moment in time, we can change the future of the planet even with one breath.”
– Otter Woman Standing

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