Fire Dance

“What I have learned as Chief is that it is not up to me to place people in the positions of service. It is always up to Spirit. As we approach the time for the Dance I will sit with Spirit and allow the guidance to come through. My hope is that the people who feel called to crew will not hold any attachment to what position they serve in. I think the bigger picture is that we all serve the Dance and Mother Earth in whatever way Spirit asks. Much Gratitude!”
– Robbie Otter Woman Standing

It has been 5 years since I danced the first Fire Dance. I danced alone in the Arbor with Spirit, supported by 14 amazing souls. I experienced the most profound shift in my very being during that Dance.  I knew that this Fire Dance was given to me to share with the People.  The Ancestors have given this to us all!

In these 5 short years, we have Danced the Fire Dance 24 times in 6 different countries. I have been witness to the most incredible transformations in people’s lives.  I have walked across the Fire 12 times and now have seen the Dance create itself into what is needed by the people. I have been blessed to be a part of something so much bigger than any one person or idea. It is with great humility that I continue to say YES.

If you have never been to a Medicine Dance before, this experience will truly change your life. If you have been to a Dance then you are in for a profound experience. The energy of this Ceremony is amazingly intense as we dance with 5 Fires inside of a Medicine Wheel. Dancers and crew alike will be transformed forever as the spirit of this dance moves through us and fans the fires in our hearts.

This is NOT a traditional Native American Ceremony. This Dance comes from a time before the racial and religious barriers of the world existed. The infinite Circle of the Medicine Wheel predates man and we Dance to expand beyond form, dogma and criteria. We Dance to bring the wholeness back to the planet.

This Dance will ignite the passion and creativity within you to live your life fully as intended by Spirit. This dance is about stepping into life fully and completely. It will burn away the thing inside that blocks you and holds you back. The energy of this Fire Dance is incredibly powerful! We dance with 5 fires within a Medicine Wheel. The Spirit Keepers of the Directions are Dancing too! Spirit is Dancing in the Fire. It is tangible!

If you are called and if you are ready, the Fires are waiting … and will forever be carried in your heart as a Fire Dancer!

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