Shamanic Healing Sessions

The shamanic healing Robbie offers is based on understanding how the Universe reacts to our actions, thoughts and experiences. Knowing how to co-create the life you desire with the Creative Force that expresses through each of us is the fundamental basis of this spiritual practice. She works with all of the gifts from Mother Earth through the plants, animals and all our relations. She connects to the Spirit Guides for information, insights and clear perspectives.

It is through Shamanic practices, ceremonies and ancient teachings that true healing of the mind, body, spirit and emotions is created.  In Co-Creating with Spirit and using the tools and practices, Robbie will work though the blockages and create an open path for healing and wholeness.

The Path Of Healing is a series of 7 sessions integrating the following methods and practices:

Shamanic Journeying

Robbie will enter a different state of consciousness and travel outside of time into the different realms that many term as non-ordinary reality to connect with guides, ancestors and spirits to provide clarity, information, insights, and healing help on your behalf. Robbie will guide you to a deep meditative state in order to access the root of negative subconscious patterns expressing in daily life.

Energy Healing

We are energetic beings that exist in multiple dimensions at the same time. In working to provide healing to your energy, Robbie works directly with the Spirits and your energy.  During her work, Robbie is able to assist your energy in restoration, alignment, and balance of the client’s energy across all dimensions.

No energy is truly bad from a shamanic perspective. If energy is misplaced or it isn’t in accord with the environment (the human body, or the body of land…) it will bring illness or could create limiting cyclical patterns.  In clearing the misplaced energy, you are able to move differently physically and through their life in a more complete way.

Ancestral Healing

This is guided work that facilitates removing blocks and patterns that have been in families for generations. Reconciling the trauma, harmful beliefs and actions of our ancestors, opens the way for deep healing and claiming of the gifts, talents and stability that are available to you through your DNA. Once removed, these patterns are not carried into future generations. This allows you to gain new perspectives and coping abilities as you move forward in your path to wholeness.

Removing Unhealthy Cords and Attachments

This ceremony allows Robbie and Spirit to assist you in removing unhealthy cords and cords of attachments that you have with another person or people, an institution, object, or past situation which remains in the present.  Cord Removal helps in the healing process, moving forward, releasing the past and stepping into your power and into new possibility for loving and positive interactions.

Soul Retrieval

Robbie brings back the soul fragments from past and present life trauma and then reunites and integrates the lost pieces back with the original soul to create balance and wholeness.  Clarity and connection will be felt almost immediately and as the integration process unfolds, old patterns are removed and new healthy patterns and practices come forward.

Spiritual Guidance

By learning how to apply these strong spiritual principles and practices into everyday situations that used to create confusion or pain, you are able to enter into experiences with a new set of tools. You can learn how to focus on the desired outcome for your situations and apply practical spiritual connections.

The Healing Path series offers greater, more in-depth healing, and requires a commitment from you to address and engage in all aspects of practices, methods and self-discovery.

Each of the sessions is 90 minutes, and the 7-session series can be booked individually or in a block of 7 weeks. Individual bookings must be paid prior to each session at $140. The 7-week block must be paid prior to the first session at $840 ($140 discount).

To sit with me in session, please search my availability.