The donation requests for the Star Dance are listed below:

    • Dancer Donation for the Star Dance is on a sliding scale from $430 to $520. Within that range, you choose what works for you. There is an honoring responsibility of an energetic exchange between a Dancer and Spirit. Think of it as seed money that will return to you multiplied based on your commitment and faith. If you are not in a position, at the present time, to cover the full donation, feel free to contact Margarita to discuss some options.
    • Crew Donation Crew members are requested to make a donation of $40.00.
    • Lodging Donation:
      • Indoor lodging-$40/night (before, during and after the Dance)
      • Camping-$10/per person per night.

Once you have your donation requirement, pay by following these steps: 

      • Simply input the numerical value of your donation (do not include a $ sign).
      • Click “Buy Now”
      • Proceed to log in to PayPal and make your donation.

*** If you haven’t already signed your waiver, please do so by clicking here or by clicking the “Sign Our Waiver” button in the bottom left of your screen! ***

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