Living a Life of Intention Online Course

About the Course

The Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine is a bridge between the ancient teachings and the modern world. In our shamanic course teachings, we create a safe space for exploration and growth while knowing that we are all individuals bringing our own experiences into the world.

In this 12-month online course, Robbie will share stories and teachings to expand your self-awareness and your connection to the world. You will explore your intentional life through soul assignments that may challenge you to stretch beyond your everyday experience. You will find a sense of curiosity and fulfillment with your life and the choices you create.

Every month you will receive a new video class designed to open your heart and mind to the possibilities that surround you. There will be soul assignments for you to do that will ask you to break free of your barriers and limitations. When put into practice each month, these soul assignments will build on each other and you will find yourself with new and powerful habits for setting the intention of living your most beautiful life.





Course Teachings Include

Session 1-Life as a Ceremony

Life as a Ceremony

In this first session, we will explore that sacredness of your life and experiences. I invite you to explore your relationship to self, to gain deeper understanding of your own truth

Session 2-For All My Relations

For All My Relations

We will explore your interactions with others. It is your connection to the world around you that creates intention in your actions. How do you relate to others? What is your purpose for these interactions?


Session 3-Becoming the Hollow Bone

Becoming the Hollow Bone

We will dive into our emotions and feelings. How do your express your “negative” emotions? Do you take responsibility? What are your choices?


Session 4-Embracing Gratitude

Embracing Gratitude

In the fourth session of our journey, you will come to understand how gratitude can change your life view. You will see the ways in which you can use gratitude to shift your perspective and outlook on difficult situations.

Session 5-Creating Personal Space

Creating Personal Space

In this session, you will discover what it means to create sacred space for yourself. You will understand how to anchor yourself in difficult situations .  We will explore the importance of setting boundaries as a practice.

Session 6-Perspective and Reframing

Perspective and Reframing

In our sixth session together, you will learn to look more objectively at the situation that cause you discomfort. You will dive into the places where you are attached to your beliefs and learn to see with an open heart. You will see the filters through which you view the world and gain clarity using discernment.

Session 7-Celebrating the Inner Child

Celebrating the Inner Child

In this seventh session, you will remember the power of the child within. You will understand why dismissing this inner child is harmful to you adult experiences in the world. Most of all you will reclaim that inner child and celebrate the lessons you receive.


Session 8-Nurturing a Curious Heart

Nurturing a Curious Heart

This eighth series will challenge you to find your curiosity. What will you find? Are you willing to let your curiosity lead the way? You will discover beliefs that have become stagnant and are ready to be reflected upon. Are you curious about yourself? Others?


Session 9-Opening to your Creativity

Opening to your Creativity

In this ninth session you will explore your creative self and what that means. You will learn to find your balance and to understand the act of creation. You will challenge your old ideas, rules and patterns to bring forth your most creative self-expression.


Session 10-Recognizing Life Lessons

Recognizing Life Lessons

In our tenth session together, you will come to see the teachers in your life and how they show up. You will understand how to honor your reactions and make the adjustments needed to see and embrace the difficult lessons.


Session 11-Honoring Your Soul’s Calling

Honoring Your Soul’s Calling

This eleventh session is where we will explore your purpose and your calling. You will come to understand what inspires you and what motivates you. You will see the difference between purpose and fulfillment. You will open your heart to truly be inspired.


Session 12-Living a Passionate Life

Living a Passionate Life

Now you will explore your passion. You will see how you express that passion in your own life. You will find the courage to be different and to live from a place of possibility.