Otter Dance Earth Medicine Practitioners are dedicated and committed individuals who have felt the calling to serve the community in a deep and meaningful way as healers and ceremonialists.  Each Practitioner as completed the Shamanic Studies program and the practicum work required by the Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine.

These Practitioners are available through their own healing practices and many have additional training and skills to help their clients in a variety of ways.  They are committed to a high code of ethics and integrity in their practices and interactions with their clients.

Each Practitioner must complete continuing education and practical work through Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine in order to be certified and endorsed by Otter Dance and Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing.

Find a Practitioner to Work With

Nina Björg, Otter Dance Practitioner

Nína Painted Fire Eagle is a yoga teacher and a flowerdrop therapist. She has worked for decades in the health food field and  has experience with supplements, herbs and natural ways to support your overall health. Since she was a small child she has had a deep, intuitive connection with animals, plants and the stone people, and these connections made her sensitive to the energy of mother earth. Nína has been doing healing work with clients for many years, in addition to teaching yoga, and is also embarking on a journey to become a fully licenced dog trainer and therapist as an extension of her work with animals.

Nína lives right outside of Reykjavik, Iceland with her 3 children, 2 dogs, a cat, and 7 chickens. During the summer you will find horses grazing in the field outside her rural home.

For the last few years Nína has been studying with different teachers, seeking to expand her understanding of shamanism and searching for her personal medicine. When she met Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing, and began her Earth Medicine school, her personal medicine started to show itself in a very powerful way. She is very creative and makes her own drums, rattles, jewelry, medicine bags, and other medicine tools.

Nína has worked with fire in ceremony for a number of years, so it was very natural for her to step into service as a sweat lodge fire keeper. She offers her community regular sweat lodge ceremonies near her home.

Initiated as a Pipe Carrier by Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing. Nina leads regular pipe ceremonies for the people in her community.

Above all, Nína Painted Fire Eagle has a deep respect for nature and for all living beings, in all forms and that shines through her. She has a nourishing presence and is full of humor and joy.

Dina Butler, Otter Dance Practitioner

Through teachings, service and experience, as an apprentice of Robbie Warren Hill, Otter Woman Standing, Dina Butler is passionate and grateful to deepen and expand what she terms her “Medicine Walk” or her relation to Creation in a Good Way (Healer). Dina’s medicine name, in her tradition, is Empress Yumane HeartLove.

Being an empathic, intuitive, only child raised on a small farm in upstate New York provided much time and opportunity to indulge in the delight, exploration and connection to that which is termed “Nature”, both within and without. It is upon this foundation of awe, respect and the openness of her 5 year old self that she now builds her adult learning and experiences. At the age of 30, her childhood love and connection with animals blossomed when Dina was inspired to attend Gaston College and earned a degree in Veterinary Medical Technology.  During her 15+ year career as a Veterinary Technician, including serving in upper management, Dina discovered a powerful desire/ability to provide more than medical support to hospitalized pets and to serve clients in a deeper way. The desire to balance the immediacy/harshness of emergency medicine with the softness of intuitive healing led her to attain the training to become a Reiki Practitioner which she used at the clinic, Hospice and continues to use often in her medicine work.

In 2015, Dina traveled to answered the “call” of Mama Africa and her life was illuminated and blessed in such a way that it reverberates through every aspect of her life including her medicine work and Rastafari tradition. The discovery of the inextinguishable light of Creation in the worst of circumstances, her desire to live, love and do healing work in Community and to live a life of inclusion and harmony with the most humble of us was birthed by living it at Botshabelo Orphanage and School. The medicine of dancing the Fire Dance in South Africa  created a powerful connection to Creation, Ancestors and healing that Dina accesses as an Earth Spirit Medicine Practitioner and Ceremonialist. Her education and medicine work calls upon the Old Ways– the traditions and wisdom of many indigenous practices brought forward into this time and place for the purpose of healing. Her passions are working to create and support Community, guiding and teaching Young People (The PathFinders), the Divine Feminine/Masculine and learning indigenous traditions and wisdoms to discover similarities while delighting in the spice of the differences. She most often works with plant medicine (Tulsi and Cacao), Earth Spirits, shamanic/intuitive guidance, medicine wheel, and Reiki.

Elín Ellingsen, Otter Dance Practitioner

Elín Ellingsen is a healer born in Iceland to a long lineage of spiritual people. She knew from an early age that she had the gift of profound intuition and has tended to it through study and practice of healing arts: Massage, Aroma Therapy, Herb Remedies, Dolores Cannon Quantum healing Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Peruvian shamanism and Otter Dance Earth Medicine.

Elín spends a lot of time out in the beautiful nature of Iceland where she feels most content. Her gift has led her to choose an unbeaten and challenging path in life in order to mature her soul. It has helped to deepen her psychic abilities and her passion to help people break free from suffering and find happiness and more meaningful life.

She currently leads sweat lodges in Iceland, is a pipe carrier and holds workshops in drum and rattle making for journeying.

LeAnne Feliciano, Otter Dance Practitioner

LeAnne Feliciano (Little Big Thunder) is a graduate of the Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine and is an Earth Medicine Practitioner, and an apprentice of Robbie Warren(Otter Woman standing), founder of the Otter Dance School. Her journey into the healing arts began 13 years ago when she became a Reiki Practitioner. For over 15 years, LeAnne has been connecting to her ancestors, the indigenous tribe known as the Tainos. In her quest to develop her skills as a healer, she has also worked to become an intuitive reader, holistic practitioner, and Hypnotherapist.

Through attending many sacred ceremonies and personal spiritual practice, she has discovered a true passion for the sacredness of indigenous practices. As she deepened her knowledge about her indigenous background and experienced sacred ceremony in many different religions around the world, LeAnne has discovered her path to living and embracing The Red Road.

LeAnne believes that everyone holds the key to healing life’s challenges. She promotes guidance in facing those challenges and helps to reveal the answers within that have yet to be discovered. She is devoted to supporting others on their life’s path and guiding them into reawakening the sacredness of who they are, and so discover their inner wisdom and finding a true calling here on Earth.

LeAnne is a Certified Holistic Practitioner in the Healing Arts, Certified Clinical/Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapy at Choices for Recovery (specializing in Recovery and Past Life Regression), Certified Life Between Live (spiritual regressionist), Certified Recovery Coach, Red Tent Facilitator, Certified Reiki Master, and Plant Medicine Facilitator. She connects to the spirit world through the use of Oracle Cards, Medicine cards,Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and connecting with her Spirit Guides.

LeAnne has worked with plant medicine since the age of 16, when she felt that the plants were speaking to her. Her curiosity grew from there, and 5 years ago, when she went on the South Eastern Wise Woman retreat, her understanding reached new levels. She has learned that the plants wish to be acknowledged and to be communicated with as they were in the old ways. Her passion is to share with others the magic of working with the consciousness of plants and exploring medicinal uses, as well as encouraging others to form a personal relationship with them.

LeAnne is the owner and founder of Sacred Wild Woman, through which she unifies Shamanism and Hypnosis as they create a beautiful web that merges ancient healing art practices with modern day hypnosis methods.

Sarah Hemphill, Otter Dance Practitioner

Sarah Hemphill is an apprentice to Robbie Warren Hill, OtterWoman Standing, and sacred ceremonialist and yogini. A dancer out of the womb, Sarah’s first career led her to teach dance, yoga and meditation to all ages. Sarah then sought a different path, gained her MBA from Wake Forest University in 2008 and had worked almost a decade as a leader in corporate America when her path unexpectedly brought her into connection with Robbie. Thus, a great remembering and quite an undoing quickly unfolded. Now, as a teacher trained by Circle Yoga Shala in the Ozarks of Arkansas, Sarah currently lives as an apprentice on their organic farm and training center where she continues the study of yoga for therapeutic application and spiritual development as well as the art of homesteading. Also a hobbyist distiller and whiskey lover, Sarah’s path has unexpectedly and delightedly led her to uncover the science and art of medicinal distillation and plant medicine as an avenue for healing. As she continues her work in apprenticeship to Robbie and connection to Spirit, Sarah weaves and integrates her experiences and passions to reveal her own ‘medicine’ and be of service in a good way. Her business,, is a reflection of this act of weaving and pursuing her dreams and place of service.

Kristin Kimbrell Isenhour, Otter Dance Practitioner

  Kristin graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a baccalaureate degree in Radiologic Science. She worked as    a radiologic technologist for several years before becoming an MRI technologist in 1998.. Over the years,   Kristin witnessed patients in pain without always having a definitive diagnosis. Once she became ill in   2008, she realized that physical symptoms cannot always be explained by a medical diagnosis. Kristin was   diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and for five years she       sought help from Western medicine, with no result. In 2012, she took a Reiki class and found a way to     heal her illness through finding balance in her Emotional body. She discovered there was more to health   and healing than just the physical body. Through taking Shamanic classes with Robbie Warren, Otter   Woman Standing, she discovered that her mental body, emotional body and spiritual body joined together with her physical to make a complete Energetic field. Through this journey, she discovered how the “Energetic Flow” directly affected her health.

Kristin is certified in several alternative therapies such as Reiki, Medical Reiki™, yoga, EMYoga®, Akashic Record Reading, crystal healing therapy and Shamanic ceremonies. It is her hope to share with others what she has learned on her journey in finding “healing.” Kristin believes the following statement: “A Healer is not someone that you go to for healing.  A Healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.”  As an Energy Activator, she would like to provide alternative therapies that may provide “healing” for you.

Kristin is in love with Mother Earth’s natural jewels known to us as crystals and gemstones.  During her shamanic training with Otter Dance, she was given the Earth Medicine name of           “Crystal Star Woman”.  Each crystal or stone carries a vibration that can be used to help balance a person’s Energetic field.  She uses Energetic therapies and other Shamanic tools to find balance and harmony in your Energetic field by using crystals in body layouts and grids.

Sharon Kerr, Otter Dance Practitioner

Sharon’s compassionate, empathetic and loving nature is fueled by a very genuine desire to be of service. She was given the spirit name Raven Song in the Earth Medicine Tradition.

Raised in a small village in upstate NY, she immersed herself in the woodlands that surrounded her. She loved to spend time with animals and wildlife; communing with nature was very natural to her. Sharon’s childhood was richly blessed with opportunities to talk to and help injured animals, playing with plants, stones and water, and talking with Spirit.

After high school, Sharon joined the US Navy and requested to be stationed in Iceland. This proved to be a stroke of destiny, for as soon as she arrived she realized Iceland was the home of her heart, the place where she needed to be.

After the military she returned to the land of her birth; however it wasn’t long before she moved back to Iceland where she got married, raised her family, finished her BSc and MBA whilst working fulltime as a Quality and Safety Manager for an airline. 

Sharon’s drive to succeed and desire to serve resulted in an increasing array of responsibilities, many of these related to the welfare of the people in the company and the environment. She felt she couldn’t say no, so she pushed, persevered, and accomplished every task until Spirit intervened.

Her “breakthrough” brought her a great blessing: it returned her to the pathway of her childhood– the path she walks today. Sharon’s Medicine path is the culmination of her genuine caring nature and love for people, and her love and respect for animals and the natural environment. These are the focal points of her Medicine, which she uses to help, balance, and heal. 

Sharon walks her Medicine path her own way, seeking truth and clarity for herself and helping others be their best. Working with others she brings Earth Healing, participates in Fire Dances, both as a dancer and crew, and is very aware that now is the time for her message to be realized “be the Beacon”.

She is an excellent mentor and amusing to sit with in circle. 

She is here serving and saying “yes” for you.


Raven Runyan, Otter Dance Practitioner

Lady Raven, who also styles herself “The Wyld Witch” has spent most of her life searching and discovering many avenues that lead to true spirituality! She approaches her practice with the belief that there are many different paths and no two journeys are the same. After studying elements of paganism, shamanism, vodun, judaism, christianity, Candomblé and Stregheria, she has learned that the path to the divine is as unique as each one of us.  Raven has been a Witch for over 20 years, a spiritual herbalist for more than 15 years and a High Priestess for more than 10.

Raven holds that spirituality is not religion, but instead is about how we relate to the world around us.  It is a way of asking and answering deep questions like “How do we find our place? Our peace? Our mission?” She believes that that is a crucial part of finding out why we are here and where we are going.

Raven offers readings in Tarot, Oracle cards, and traditional bone/crystal casting to help her clients get clarity and guidance on their paths.

Raven’s study of Shamanism has led her to a deeper understanding of how our energy is interconnected with everything around us, and that we received guidance from our animal totems, spirit guides and ancestors.  In this path, Raven has learned to work with personal energy in a new way, to help her clients remove unhealthy cords, complete ancestor clearing ceremonies, remove attachments and negative constructs and Soul Retrieval. Raven works to help her clients connect with their spirit guardians so that they too can join in and be part of the client’s inner growth!

“I have helped many find their own path into the divine.  I have used my gifts of empathy and mediumship to guide those that are truly interested in discovering their own best selves.  As a Third Degree High Priestess, Spiritual Herbalist and ordained minister, I can help you find the unique path that will connect you with your higher and best self!” — Lady Raven

The Wyld Witch

Tinna Sverrisdóttir, Otter Dance Practitioner

Tinna Sverrisdóttir works as a medicine woman and an artist. Tinna started her spiritual journey quite young and has been seeking inspiration & guidance since she was 15 years old. She studied Yoga Of Sound And Chocolate at The Mystical Yoga Farm at Lake Atitlan where her emphasis was on sound healing & how to work with the Cacao plant in a sacred way as medicine through ceremony. In 2019 Tinna graduated as a medicine woman from the Shamanic Arts Immersion // Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine, taught by Robbie Warren. Tinna was granted the honour to continue working with Robbie as an assistant and a mentor for the Earth Medicine School in Iceland.

Tinna studied acting at the Iceland University of the Arts, and graduated in 2012. She has been teaching children acting for the last 7 years & has worked in several projects both on stage & in television and movies. She is also a professional musician and has toured the world playing at different festivals & venues. Music and expression are close to her heart, and she uses sound and vibration extensively in her work. Her voice is her main instrument, but Tinna also plays the drum, crystal bowl, and gong.  

Tinna received the medicine name “Laughing heart” in 2019 from Robbie Warren which suits her very well since she is light hearted empath and has a special ability to see the humour and the beauty in all things. Tinna’s emphasis in her work is on self love and self acceptance. She works in a very creative way where she weaves together her acting background with shamanism, sound healing & intuitive work.

Tinna is the founder & owner of Andagift Inspire // Cacao temple in Reykjavík, Iceland. There she holds cacao ceremonies, wild women empowerment courses, shamanic workshops, Kirtans & retreats both in Iceland & abroad. The seed of Andagift was born in Guatemala in 2017 when Tinna felt a deep calling to work with the sacred spirit of the cacao plant. 

Tinna has a dream to build a society where all humans feel free to express their uniqueness in an authentic & creative way so we may celebrate ourselves better and from there build a stronger ground to celebrate the relation of all things. Her truth is that with more love & awareness we have the ability to meet fear, comparison, jealousy, feeling of lack, hatred and violence in a more peaceful way.

“We all have the ability to feel & from there we heal. So let’s start with getting to know ourselves before we judge ourselves or try to be someone else”.

Brandy Winn, Otter Dance Practitioner

Brandy Winn is an apprentice to Robbie Warren Hill, Otter Woman Standing and Healer and Earth Medicine Ceremonialist.  Her love for education and learning allowed her to pursue her MBA, this journey opened her to the world of travel.  Her first traveling experience to China allowed Brandy to have a life-altering experience on one of the world’s seven wonders, the Great Wall of China.  It was on this historical forte that the seed of her life’s purpose was planted and her pursuit of spirituality began.

After successful careers in Corporate America, Brandy made the decision to begin her path of service by joining the nonprofit workforce.  This difficult leap lead her to another life-altering experience in a small village in Burundi Africa, Brandy began the adventure of remembering her divine essence and discovered her soul’s purpose to be of service to Mother Earth and Humanity.

Upon her return stateside, the reshaping of Brandy’s Life began.   It is during this transformational time she became a student of the The Native American Traditions, sometimes called, the Red Road and Robbie Warren.  Through her continued travels around the globe: Germany, Poland, Czech, Norway, and South Africa, dedicated studies with her teachers and elder’s of the community, Brandy has honed her skills as a Healer and Earth Medicine Ceremonialist.

Brandy’s ability to connect with Spirit and People allows her to guide others in remembering their own truth and empowering others through ceremonies, private sessions, and more to assist each of them to weave the life that is divinely theirs and of service all that is.

Barbara Denny, Otter Dance Practitioner

Barbara Denny is an apprentice under Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing. Barbara began her walk in 2001 as a Certified Herbalist. On her winding path, she obtained knowledge as a Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, and Soul Realignment Practitioner that brought her to the door of Shamanism. Also in 2001, Barbara experienced a shamanic death after which she became more aware of her gifts and her need to develop them further. After meeting Robbie, and attending a few Sound Healing’s, she felt drawn to learn more. Her heart holds the desire to assist others on their journey while stepping lightly upon Mother Earth. Barbara is humbled to live and care for a 5-acre parcel of land in York South Carolina, which is part of a riverbed that once flowed over 100 years prior. The land is home to large quartz beds that promotes healing and aids in the work Barbara does there. Barbara’s business, Serenity Acres Farm can be reached at