Otter Dance Earth Medicine Community Network

This is so much more than another social media network. This is a living, breathing, continuous, interactive workshop in Animism and Shamanism, personal and spiritual growth.

Otter Dance brings together spiritual seekers, healers, and leaders to dive deep into sacred practices rooted in Animistic and Shamanic principles to build a bridge between ancient truth and the modern world so that we can each have a thriving practice and stand as the authentic Way-showers we truly are.

Each month we will focus on a specific theme in order to engage, grow, share insights and connect. We are ever evolving as are our practices, ceremonies, and teachings.  We will take a deeper dive into many concepts, principles and practices that support our spiritual path:

Sacred Space
Healing Practices
Shamanic Journey
Quantum Physics and Shamanism
Ethical Practices
Sound and Vibration
Medicine Wheel
Boundaries and Permissions
Sacred Tools

In addition to everything listed above, here are some of the fantastic things about our new space:

  • LIVE teachings within the Network. These living conversations will be archived and accessible to you any time you want to revisit the practices and principles.
  • Community Energy Clearing in a more focused and intentional way. These weekly sessions are designed to focus on clearing the negative energy that comes up for us on a regular basis. 
  • Events are now shown in YOUR time zone!No more having to scramble your brain to figure out what time the event is!
  • You can find other members based on their “specialty”(i.e., where they are on their spiritual path)
  • You can find people based on their physical proximity to you, wherever you happen to be in the world (so if you’re traveling, and another member is nearby, the mobile app will tell you! Not such a big deal now, perhaps, but as we grow, this will be super-cool!)
  • You can write “Articles” with as many embedded images and videos as you want!(“Posts” are shorter messages; “Articles” are longer ones)
  • You can include images and/or videos in your commentson other people’s (or your own) Posts and Articles, too!
  • You can send private messages to other members, just like on Facebook
  • There’s a fabulous mobile app,that makes it incredibly easy to use on-the-go!

Membership is $6 per month. The first month is free so you have time to really feel into the community and to decide for yourself if this is something that will support you on your spiritual path. It is important to me that you want to be a part of the Community.

There is no beginning or ending point, you can step in at any time and be an integral part of the conversation. Whether you are a practitioner, new seeker on the path, or a teacher, these conversations will support you and your practice.