Norway Fire Dance

Finnskogen, Norway between Kirkenær and Svullrya

July 25-28, 2024

It is with joy and an open heart that we invite you to the Fire Dance at Finnskogen, Norway.

The Ancestors have been calling us to remember. We honor our Ancestors as we step into our own healing and invite them to Dance with us! We will be Dancing in the energy of releasing the old patterns, rebirth, and remembering who we are.

We Dance for ourselves, for our Ancestors, and for the world. This Dance will ignite the passion and creativity within you to live your life fully as intended by Spirit.

If you have never been to a Medicine Dance before, this experience will truly change your life. If you have been to a Dance then you are in for a profound experience. The energy of this Ceremony is amazingly intense as we dance with 5 Fires inside of a Medicine Wheel. Dancers and crew alike will be transformed forever as the spirit of this dance moves through us and fans the fires in our hearts.

This is NOT a traditional Native American Ceremony. This Dance comes from a time before the racial and religious barriers of the world existed. The infinite Circle of the Medicine Wheel predates man and we Dance to expand beyond form, dogma, and criteria. We Dance to bring the wholeness back to the planet.

This Dance will ignite the passion and creativity within you to live your life fully as intended by Spirit. This dance is about stepping into life fully and completely. It will burn away the thing inside that blocks you and holds you back. The energy of this Fire Dance is incredibly powerful! We dance with 5 fires within a Medicine Wheel. The Spirit Keepers of the Directions are Dancing too! Spirit is Dancing in the Fire. It is tangible!

If you are called and if you are ready, the Fires are waiting … and will forever be carried in your heart as a Fire Dancer!

Should I Dance or Crew? How do I decide?:

If you come to the Fire Dance you will either be a dancer or a crew member. Typically, there might be twice as many crew members as dancers, but this can vary from dance to dance.

The dance takes place in an arbor” which is a designated large, circular space. The dancers will camp in the Arbor from Friday afternoon and will stay within this area through Sunday unless going to the bathroom. Also within this circle are five fires that will burn from Friday to Sunday. The energy builds throughout the weekend. When the drums are playing the Fire Dancers will dance. There is plenty of rest in this dance also. The rest is as important as the dancing as it allows you to ground what you are bringing in. And at night you sleep.

The dancers will fast from food and water from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. As your sugar and salt levels lower, the fires burn, and your body moves in whatever way comes to you. The drums play, and you go on a journey to the deepest and the highest parts of yourself. What you no longer need is burned away and new awareness comes in.

Some say that we decide to dance before we are born. So, when you hear about the dance you may just know in your heart you are meant to be there. In order to dance you do not need to have any prior training. You can jump straight in. You will be watched over the entire time as there is a whole team of people there for you.

The crew” consists of Dance Guardians, Drummers, Fire Keepers, Fire Mothers and Fathers, Wisdom Keepers, Kitchen Crew, and the Chief. They are all there to create a safe ceremonial place for you to dance. A more detailed explanation of each role will be sent after registration. The Chief” will work in tune with the dance and listen to guidance when appointing people to a certain position within the crew.


When we come together for Sacred Ceremony in this way, its important that we understand that we are coming together as a community with each other and the Ceremony itself.   In doing so, we are all working in energetic reciprocity.   There are many moving parts to a ceremony that require various types of energy ranging from donations of time to money to assist us in making the necessary purchases and preparations with grace.

Below, we have listed the donation requests for Dancers and Crew Members.

  • Dancer Donation is on a sliding scale between 4000-5000nok / $400-$550.  It is up to the dancer to decide where they are in their energy exchange and prosperity.
  • Crew donation is 400nok/$40.00, (includes meals from Friday lunch to Sunday Feast)
  • Lodging  Donations
    • 400nok/$40.00 per person per night for reserving a bed, (before, during, and after the Dance) please bring your sleeping bag, pillow, and towel.
    • 100nok/$10 per person per night donation for camping

This dance is open to everyone, of all faiths and beliefs, and we welcome all who are called to Dance or to be a part of the Crew. It is a life-changing experience for each and every person who shows up. We take this healing and transformation back into our own lives and share it with the world.

Upon registration, you will receive further information as it becomes available.