Inspirations and Events

We are moving into the time of the dark side of self reflection. Can you be with the shadow parts of yourself and still be ok? It is important to recognize these shadows within ourselves, not necessarily to eliminate them but to be able to work with them. Shadow work is some of the deepest work we can do. It brings up all of our fears, and asks us to sit with the fear...... to even love it. Embrace your shadow side and see it as part of your whole. ~Robbie, Otter Woman Standing

We are never alone. There are spirits and guides in the unseen world all around us. If you are still and quiet, you can feel them, even hear them. They whisper to us, they nudge us and they work with us. Trust your instincts, and your intuition, this is your spirit in communion with the unseen world. Your spirit is part of that realm and is connected to all that is. Trust yourself, listen to the voice within and feel the peace. ~Robbie, Otter Woman Standing ~(art by Wlodzimierz Kuklinski)

You do not have to carry the Universe on your shoulders. You are not responsible for all that happens or for the actions of others. You are a powerful part of the whole. Focus on your part, your intentions and your dreams. Be a part of the all. We are all connected. Trust yourself and put down the burden. ~ Robbie, Otter Woman Standing

We are the seed from which all our experiences grow. We each have the power to create our lives with every thought, every choice and every breath. It is how we nurture and care for the seed that determines the outcome. Blessings. ~ Robbie, Otter Woman Standing