International Coordinator

Brandy Winn

The International coordinator for the Fire Dance is Brandy Winn. Please, contact Brandy at with any general questions about the Fire Dance Ceremony, and she will be able to direct you to the proper Chief and Coordinator team.

Last year, in 2022, I served as the Fire Dance Coordinator for the Dance held in North Carolina. I was also the South Fire Keeper. It’s a funny thing, as there are no coincidences. Twice, before Covid, I signed up to be on the crew for this same Dance; and twice I wasn’t able to be a part of the Dance. Then Covid hit and we were unable to have Dances.

The first Dance after Covid was this one and it was also the first Dance Brandy would Chief. I immediately wanted to be a part of the crew for her! Then she honored me by asking if I would be her coordinator. Two gifts at one Dance! I was so excited to help plan and the joy of talking with and eventually meeting the Dancers and the rest of the crew was overwhelming. When Brandy said she saw me at the South Fire I was actually scared, but refused to say no. I am so thankful to my Ancestors and Guides who guided me during the Dance at the fire. You see, I had just retired two months prior to the Dance and the South Fire is all about emotions. I was gratefully amazed at the gifts I received from saying yes!

I was again honored when Robbie asked if I would step up into this role for all the Dances. So I am saying ‘yes’ again! As your International Coordinator, I will bring my passion for the dance and the community along with my organizational and business skills, and of course, my love to serve all of you beautiful Souls. I look forward to connecting with all who work diligently and lovingly to bring this ceremony to life at all venues. I am excited to witness all that is created from this extraordinary ceremony!