Ceremonial Offerings

House Cleansings & Blessing

Many times heavy energy (energy that is not ours) can get trapped in our homes. Sometimes this happens before we lived there, or it happens when there are arguments or even when guests leave their energy behind. This manifests in uncomfortable feelings in the home or un-restful sleep. When Robbie cleanses the house, she is also blessing the house, which opens the energy channels for additional healing.  She uses sage, sweet grass, cedar, drums and/or rattles during this ceremony. On the rare occasion, a follow-up visit is required. In the same way that occasionally you may need to wash a shirt twice to remove a stain.

Releasing Ceremony

Over time, we can become stuck in our lives and on our paths, and there are times when we need to let go of these things that are keeping us stuck. The Releasing Ceremony is a ritual or process to become aware of and release what is unwanted in your life and to create an intention for the future.

To release something from your life, the most critical part of this process is to DECIDE to let it go. It doesn’t matter if you feel it is outside of your control to do so. It doesn’t matter if you can’t yet see how it will even be possible.  A friend of Robbie’s always says “You don’t have to know what’s in the garbage to take it to the curb!”

Mother Earth Medicine Lodge

What is a Mother Earth Medicine Lodge?
A prayer ceremony used for purification and healing. The Lodge itself represents the womb of Mother Earth. We enter into the Lodge and offer our prayers and set our intentions with Spirit. As we leave the Lodge, we are being reborn into the new life we choose to create for ourselves. Most people experience a shift either from the release of prayers or simply by the re-unification to Mother Earth. Although the intention of each lodge can be different, the sacred space created by the darkness and the heat always allows for Spirit to whisper into the ears of those present.

Similar ceremonies have been done around the world for eons by the cultures who are connected to the Earth and the healing she brings. This Lodge does not follow any one particular tradition, but is held in the way that Spirit has guided. This is NOT a traditional Native American Ceremony. This ceremony comes from a time before the racial and religious barriers of the world existed. The infinite Circle of the Medicine Wheel predates man and we pray to expand beyond form, dogma and criteria. We pray to bring the wholeness back to the planet.

Women’s Honoring Ceremonies

Rites of passage are the ceremonies and rituals that not only celebrate the individual and honor their growth, but also provide the essential context and energetic “boost” from one phase of life to the next. These transitional stages occur whether we acknowledge them or not. It is vital that we embrace and celebrate these times in our lives so that our maturation reflects life lived fully with health, hope, happiness, harmony, and humor.

The Three phases of a woman’s life are Maiden, Matron and Crone.   The girl becomes a Maiden at the time of her first menstrual cycle and is celebrated as a young woman from this point on.  The Matron is celebrated when a woman decides to take a Partner in life and moves into the next phase of her adulthood.  The Crone is celebrated as a woman of wisdom at the age of 55 and acknowledged for the life experiences she has to share with others.

Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

Wedding and Commitment ceremonies are a beautiful rite as we move to a new place in our lives.  These ceremonies are designed to suit the spiritual paths of each individual as well as the path of the couple.  As an Ordained Minister, Robbie has performed many of these ceremonies, and it is always an honor to be a part of such an incredible coming together of two individuals.

Funerals and Memorial Ceremonies

To honor a loved one who has transitioned to another plane is a difficult but incredibly empowering process. In order to be open to living without the physical presence of a dear one, this ceremony is a rite of passage for ourselves as well as a way to physically say goodbye. These ceremonies are always amazingly moving and powerful. It is such an honor to be a part of this process.