Balancing The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Within

Gender roles are working their way into the past, but what about gender energy? Typically, you are taught that you are either male or female with little to zero discussion on the fact that everyone has both aspects in their physical and spiritual makeup. Society has separated the two for thousands of years without discussion on how a female should approach her masculine side or a male should approach his feminine side.

As labels are slowly drifting down stream, you must welcome the balancing act in yourself. The patriarchal world has praised all things male for thousands of years, leaving a scar on your genetic subconscious mind. This is not only damaging to females, but to all living creatures on the planet. If subconsciously society feels that one sexual trait is more dominant than the other, this will flow over into people’s thoughts about everything around them. Mother Nature is much less respected and has suffered greatly from this point of view.

We all carry the energies of the masculine and feminine powers within us. To truly find balance and energetic wellbeing, we must explore all aspects of these energies.  We will learn to recognize when we are not in alignment and how to reset the balance within.

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