Shamanic Arts Immersion and Training

In-person Shamanic Arts curriculum exploring journeying, ceremonial rituals,

sacred dance, and practices to support growth and depth of connection to the Spirits.

Welcome to the Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine, a place where ancient traditions merge harmoniously with the demands of modern life. Our mission is to educate, inform, and empower individuals, fostering a deep connection with ancient wisdom and ensuring its seamless integration into contemporary daily practice. 

At the Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine, we serve as a bridge between the ancestral teachings and the complexities of today’s world. In our shamanic courses, we provide a nurturing environment for exploration and personal growth, acknowledging that each of us brings unique life experiences to this transformative journey.  We believe in supported autonomy for each individual who embarks on this exploration of learning and discovery.

Shamanism, an ancient tradition, and way of life practiced across diverse cultures worldwide, serves as the cornerstone of our teachings. Central to shamanic philosophy is the profound connection between humanity, the Spirit World, and the Natural World, with an unwavering commitment to the well-being of all beings.

Our shamanic curriculum delves into essential elements such as journeying, ceremonial rituals, sacred dance, and practices to support growth and depth of connection to the Spirits. These techniques envelop participants in the community of the shamanic circle, uniting our process with strength, healing, and connection.

A Shaman, the heart of shamanic practice, acts as a mediator between our physical world and the spirit realm. They shoulder the sacred duty of conducting ceremonial rituals, healing the community, and guiding fellow seekers along the shamanic path. A Shaman’s existence is intrinsically tied to the welfare of the family, the community, and the entire planet, thus ensuring balance and harmony on both personal and planetary scales.

Our course structure is intentionally immersive, designed to provide an immersive exploration of traditional practices on a deeply personal level. While we impart the individual practices of shamanic healing, we also emphasize the art of connecting with these healings, seamlessly integrating them into our personal practice, and cultivating a profound understanding of this path of service.

If you are prepared to embark on a life-changing journey into the teachings and mysteries of Shamanism, our Shamanic Arts Immersion and Training awaits you. This nine-month initiation program will guide you on a transformative path of self-discovery.

In our 4 day, in-person sessions, we will delve into the depths of shamanism and the path of serving humanity. Robbie, Otter Woman Standing and Founder of the Otter Dance School of Earth Medicine has devoted two decades to this spiritual journey, learning from esteemed teachers across the globe. Her practice and understanding of shamanism continue to evolve with each interaction, as she remains in dedicated service to the people and the teachings that shape her life.

During each session, students will come together for hands-on exploration and training in shamanic ceremonies, understanding healing practices, and energy work. You will learn to craft your own Medicine tools, Sacred bundles, Medicine Drums, and Rattles, as well as assume the role of conducting ceremonies. We provide you with the tools to forge a personal connection to each teaching, and throughout the nine months, you will engage in individual work to deepen your comprehension between sessions.

As part of our commitment to your growth, each student will also receive:

  • Monthly Zoom calls for teachings, connection, support, and guidance between our in-person teachings
  • Four individual 1-hour mentoring sessions with Robbie to refine your focus (1 per quarter)
  • Ongoing daily access to Robbie and fellow clan members for continuous support, guidance, and community through a private WhatsApp group
  • Access to online teachings from Robbie in “A HEALER’S GUIDE TO THE WORLD”
  • Active Practices to do between sessions to hone your skills and connections to the Spirits

If you feel the call to embark on this Path of Service, our teachings will not only open your heart but also illuminate the truth within yourself. This course will challenge you to embrace the authentic healer residing within and rekindle your connection to the sacredness of all life, including our Mother Earth and all our Relations

Our training schedule unfolds over four immersive sessions in 2024:

  • February 1-4, 2024
  • May 9-12, 2024
  • August 8-11, 2024
  • November 7-10, 2024

Our in-person sessions will be at Sacred Grove Retreat, Gold Hill NC

Arrive by 9 am on Thursday, and finish by 1 pm on Sunday

Practical Shamanism

  • Shamanism and Neo-Shamanism
  • Understanding the Medicine Wheel (Foundation of all teachings)
  • Becoming the Hollow Bone (a conduit for healing)
  • Creating and Understanding a Working Altar
  • Traditional Shamanic Journeying for Others
  • The Foundations of Plant Spirit Medicine
  • The Foundations of Animal Spirit Medicine
  • Meeting & Communicating with Spirit Guides
  • Chanting, Medicine songs, and using the voice for healing
  • Understanding and Working with Medicine Songs
  • Cultivating a Clear and Deep Relationship with Your Spirit Guides

Healing Tools

  • Sound and Vibrational Healing Work
  • Working with Ceremonial Fire
  • Crafting Your Medicine Drum and Calling in Your Medicine Song
  • Understanding regalia and Shaman’s armor
  • Understanding Divination
  • Understanding and working with Sacred Tools
  • Creating Ceremonial Space
  • Energetic Clearing and Protection for Self and Others
  • Understanding energetic Cords and their effect
  • Honoring the Animal Spirit

Shamanic Healing

  • House/Land Clearing and blessing
  • Epigenetics and Ancestral Healing 
  • Working with the Ancestors
  • Conducting Ceremony for individuals and groups
  • Calling in your Spirit Healing Team
  • Understanding Healing – Emotional, Energetic and Physical
  • Understanding Remote Healing Work
  • Crafting Your Medicine Rattle for Healing Work
  • Exploring the Nexus of Quantum Physics and Shamanism
  • Understanding Soul Retrieval
  • Understanding Past life influences

Shamanic Immersion Teachings

  • Rites of Passage
  • Working with Earth Medicine Grids
  • Psycopomp Work
  • Shamanic Breathwork
  • Understanding Death
  • Navigating Shamanic Death
  • Trance Drumming Ceremony
  • Releasing through Fire

To ensure an intimate and personalized learning experience, we limit our sessions to 16 students. If you are interested in joining this transformative journey, we request a commitment to the full year of Shamanic Studies. If you have not previously participated in a Ceremony or private session with Robbie, please reach out for an interview.

Our tuition for the year-long Shamanic Studies program is $3860, which includes all materials for crafting Medicine Drums and Rattles, books, lodging, and meals. To secure your spot, a non-refundable deposit of $965 is required, and we offer three flexible payment plans to accommodate your financial needs.

Scholarship support is available to those in indigenous, BIPOC, LBGTQIA, and other marginalized communities, on a first come basis.

For those who wish to pursue a deeper connection to Shamanic Healing work for others, I will be offering these expanded teachings in 2025. The Shamanic Arts Immersion is a prerequisite to the Shamanic Healing Arts course. 

Join us on this sacred voyage, where the ancient wisdom of shamanism intertwines with the fabric of modern life, empowering you to become a steward of your own healing and harmony for yourself, your community, and the planet.