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Drums are a vital part in many Native American tribal celebrations and spiritual ceremonies. When the drummers play and sing traditional medicine songs, the peoples’ connection to Spirit is strengthened. Each Drum is recognized as sacred, a living entity that holds strong ties with the Creator. To many tribes the drum contains thunder and lightning and when it is played it helps to get the Creator’s attention and contacts the spirits of their Ancestors.

The sound of the Drum is the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and has been used as a Medicine Tool for centuries by indigenous people for healing and celebration. When we connect back to Mother Earth’s heartbeat, the healing & balancing that we need comes easily. Each Drum is unique and carries its own sound and energy. What will your Drum sound like?

Drum Making
When you ask us to create a Medicine Drum for you, we treat every step of the process in a sacred way, honoring the animal and its Medicine. Each Drum is carefully hand tied and crafted as we are guided in the process, so no two are exactly alike. We bless each Drum in Ceremony using sage, tobacco and cornmeal once it is dried and set.

We also offer day long Drum Making workshops where we take you through the process of creating your own Drum. We will teach you how to tie a Drum, how to care for your Drum, and how to use your Drum in your own spiritual practice. We end the day with a ceremony to honor each Drum created and to name your new Medicine Drum.

About Otter Dance Drums
The skins used for the Drum heads carry their own unique energy and medicine and it is important to keep those energies in mind as each Drum is created.

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