Otter Dance Earth Medicine Mystery School

The Otter Dance Earth Medicine Mystery School is open to all who have completed the Shamanic Arts Immersion and Training.  Mystery School will be offered twice during 2022.

March 17-20, 2022

September 29 – October 2, 2022

Each Mystery School has independent teachings and practices, you are invited to join one or both sessions.

A Mystery School is a profound space of self-inquiry that shares, presents, and passes on the highest shamanic wisdom and practices as an experiential invitation to truly know yourself. By definition, a Mystery School is a group of initiates who have dedicated themselves to preserving, protecting and perpetuating the mystery teachings.

Throughout the ages the Mystery Schools have hidden in plain sight. They have built magnificent temples all over the world and provided services both to the public and behind closed doors for only ‘those who have eyes to see,’ and ‘those who have ears to hear.’

The initiates are known as the Guardians, the Protectors, the Light bearers, the Teachers, the Healers, the Record Keepers, the Magicians, and the Watchers, among many other names.

There was a time when all of humanity used to live, think and act with a common understanding that was in alignment with the greater good of all. That time has long since passed. Now is the time to reconnect with these ancient proven practices.

Since its inception, one would have to be invited into the school to study. After careful observation, and only once that individual had truly proven themselves ready and dedicated, would the invitation be extended. Many mystery schools to this day still operate in this way. 

You have already taken the first steps through your studies and practices. 

This is your invitation.

There are massive shifts of energy occurring on the planet today, and humanity is once again waking up to its true divine nature. It is time, once again, to live in an enlightened society. We need leaders and way-showers to hold the space for the waking up of humanity. The time is now to be clear and strong.

This Mystery School is an even deeper immersion in the Shamanic practices. We will spend less time sitting in circle discussing these practices and more time immersed in the doing of them. This is a deep and revealing look into patterns and consciousness; a releasing of fears and blocks; and claiming of your personal connection to the Shamanic Arts.

The time commitment is Thursday Afternoon through Sunday afternoon.

Energy Exchange – 150.000isk with a deposit of 37.500isk at registration. Balance to be paid before the Mystery School begins. Both Lodging and catering are included. Space is limited to 14 people.

This Mystery School is only open to those who have taken the Shamanic Arts and Immersion course. The Mystery School will be offered twice a year (each session will be different) and is not an ongoing course. For those in other countries, we can help with you travel information and protocols.

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