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Earth Medicine Teachings and Ceremonies – Robbie Warren

September 29, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - September 30, 2018 @ 9:00 pm

Robbie is a modern day Medicine Woman and a traditional Shaman who serves as a intermediary between this world and the spirit world, she holds ceremonies, rituals and healing with the aid of Spirit Guides following the cultural traditions passed down through generations. Robbie is the Vision Keeper and Chief of the Fire Dance, a medicine dance given to her by the Ancestors.

Her spiritual path has its roots in Native American tradition but has developed through Robbie’s experience into a practice she calls Earth Medicine. The emphasis of Earth Medicine is reverence and respect for all living beings, conscious connection to Spirit and a keen awareness of the lessons life has to offer. Her journey along this path has given her many opportunities to work with some amazing spiritual teachers as well as other visionaries. She was given the Medicine name Otter Woman Standing by her Ancestors and Spirit Guides as she works within the other realms.

We will come together for a hands-on exploration of the teachings of Earth Medicine. You are welcome to join for the full four days or for any one of the day teachings or ceremonies. Times and details are listed below.

Robbie is also available for private Shamanic Healing sessions.

Earth Medicine Teachings and Ceremony schedule:

Saturday 29 September -1:00pm – 5:00 pm – Living the Medicine Wheel – A Medicine Wheel is a physical manifestation of Spiritual energy. It is an outward expression of an internal dialogue. A mirror in which we can better SEE what is going on within us. It is a wheel of protection and enables us, and allows us, to gather surrounding energies into a focal point and to commune with Spirit, Self and Nature (ALL elemental forces)……..Creation!

We will explore these different meanings and understand how to work with the Medicine Wheel in creating the life we desire. We will learn how to tap into the energies of the Medicine Wheel for guidance and better understanding of situations and circumstances. We will explore the way the Indigenous people have looked at the world for eons.

Suggested donation between 50-80 Euro ( No one will be turned away for financial reasons for any teaching or ceremony)

Register here – https://calendly.com/robbie-warren/medicine-wheel-teaching-netherlands-clone

Dinner (contact De Merelij directly for reservations marieke.vanwijnsberghe1@gmail.com )

Saturday 29 September- 7:00pm – 9:00 pm – Medicine Wheel Ceremony – We will come together to walk the Wheel with intention and prayers. This is an opportunity to receive guidance and messages from the energies of the Medicine Wheel. Bring a blanket to sit comfortably on the Earth and an offering for the Medicine Wheel (small gift from nature as a stone, leaf, flower, etc)

Register here – https://calendly.com/robbie-warren/medicine-wheel-teaching-netherlands-clone

Sunday 30 September -1:00pm – 5:00pm – Vibrational Sound Healing Practices – The practice of healing through sound is the oldest form of healing on the planet. Our ancestors worked with voice, drums and rattles before working with the medicines of plants and animals. We will come together to explore the healing power of vibration for ourselves and others.

Sound brings our bodies back into vibrational alignment. Some specific sounds help the body to purge itself of emotions that are stuck in the body and unprocessed. These healing vibrations can break up those emotions that would hold disease in the body. By working with sound the emotions are processed and moved out of the body, allowing the body to heal itself in a good way. We can learn to do this work for ourselves and for others.

We will learn how to chant our own healing song to bring ourselves back into alignment. Using the vibration of our own voice to create healing is a powerful practice for clarity and wholeness.

Bring any drums or rattles you have to work with and a pillow and blanket to sit comfortably on the floor.

Register here – https://calendly.com/robbie-warren/sound-healing-workshop/09-30-2018

Dinner (contact De Merelij directly for reservations marieke.vanwijnsberghe1@gmail.com)

Sunday 29 September -7:00pm – 9:00pm – Sacred Pipe Ceremony – The pipe ceremony is a sacred ritual for connecting physical and spiritual worlds. The pipe is a link between the earth and the sky, nothing is more sacred. The pipe is our prayers in physical form. Smoke becomes our words; it goes out, touches everything, and becomes a part of all there is. The fire in the pipe is the same fire in the sun, which is the source of life. The reason why tobacco is used to connect the worlds is that the plant’s roots go deep into the earth, and its smoke rises high into the heavens.

The pipe ceremony invokes a relationship with the energies of the universe, and ultimately the Creator, and the bond made between earthly and spiritual realms is not to be broken.

As a Pipe Carrier, it is my honor and my responsibility to share this ceremony with the People. I am humbled by the sacredness of the Pipe and the blessings it brings.

Let us gather together in council and smoke the Sacred Pipe together. Let us gather together and pray.

Bring a Blanket to sit comfortably on the Earth.

Register here – https://calendly.com/robbie-warren/sacred-pipe-ceremony

PrivateShamanic Healing Sessions
Friday 28 September, Saturday 29 September and Sunday 30 September

During a Shamanic Healing Session, Robbie opens a direct channel of communication with your Spirit Guide(s) and helps you to find the answers and solutions you are seeking for a given situation. These Guides are absolutely amazing and so eager to help, after all, that is why they are with you! Together with your Guides we are able to hit the bulls-eye and get to the heart of the matter so quickly and then dig deep to move through the emotions of the issue. There may be a ceremony or ritual that is given as Robbie will work with the helpers of the other realms to bring clarity and guidance.

Healing work may include Cord Removal, Ancestral Clearing, Soul Retrieval or other work as guided by the spirit helpers. It is such a beautiful journey!

These private sessions are offered on a sliding scale between 100-135 Euro per session, each session may last up to an hour and a half. It is up to you to know where you are in your prosperity for donation.

Register here – https://calendly.com/robbie-warren/shamanic-healing-session-netherlands


September 29, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
September 30, 2018 @ 9:00 pm
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