Goddess MoonRites of passage are the ceremonies and rituals that not only celebrate the individual and honor their growth, but also provide the essential context and energetic “boost” from one phase of life to the next. These transitional stages occur whether we acknowledge them or not. It is vital that we embrace and celebrate these times in our lives so that our maturation reflects life lived fully with health, hope, happiness, harmony, and humor.

The Three phases of a woman’s life are Maiden, Matron and Crone.   The girl becomes a Maiden at the time of her first menstrual cycle and is celebrated as a young woman from this point on.  The Matron is celebrated when a woman decides to take a Partner in life and moves into the next phase of her adulthood.  The Crone is celebrated as a woman of wisdom at the age of 55 and acknowledged for the life experiences she has to share with others.

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