Sweat Lodge Aaron PaquetteWhat is a Mother Earth Medicine Lodge?

A prayer ceremony used for purification and healing. The Lodge itself represents the womb of Mother Earth. We enter into the Lodge and offer our prayers and set our intentions with Spirit. As we leave the Lodge, we are being reborn into the new life we choose to create for ourselves. Most people experience a shift either from the release of prayers or simply by the re-unification to Mother Earth. Although the intention of each lodge can be different, the sacred space created by the darkness and the heat always allows for Spirit to whisper into the ears of those present.

Similar ceremonies have been done around the world for eons by the cultures who are connected to the Earth and the healing she brings. This Lodge does not follow any one particular tradition, but is held in the way that Spirit has guided. This is NOT a traditional Native American Ceremony. This ceremony comes from a time before the racial and religious barriers of the world existed. The infinite Circle of the Medicine Wheel predates man and we pray to expand beyond form, dogma and criteria. We pray to bring the wholeness back to the planet.

What happens at a Sweat Lodge?

A sacred fire is built around stones outside the lodge and is monitored by a fire tender. Participants crawl into the lodge and the hot stones are placed into a pit in the center. The stones are blessed by the leader with cedar and sweet grass. Water is then sprinkled on the rocks, instantly turning into steam. This begins round 1 in which songs are sung and prayers are made to the Creator. At the end of the round, more stones are added for round two. There are a total of four rounds, honoring each of the four cardinal directions. After the Sweat, all are welcome to share in a feast.

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