Medicine-ThangkaWhat is a Medicine Wheel?

The Medicine Wheel is an honoring of Mother Earth. It explores the cardinal directions, their energies, power and animal spirit guides and the relationships of all living beings as we walk the Circle of Life. We reconnect to the Earth and to each other. A Medicine Wheel is the physical representation of the Circle of Life and all our relations. It is typically constructed of stones, but never limited to only stones. Each Medicine Wheel Healer creates their Wheel as led by Spirit. Some ancient Medicine Wheels coordinated with astrological occurrences. All Wheels connect the 4 cardinal directions & their meaning in the Circle of Life. As we walk the Wheel, we are re-establishing our relationship with Mother Earth and all beings.

What can I expect at a Medicine Wheel?
The Wheel is constructed prior to the start of the ceremony. All participants gather around the wheel and sit in a circle. Intentions are set and prayers are offered. Each person has the opportunity to walk the Wheel and celebrate the Earth, Life, Spirit and all our relations. Nature offerings are given to the directions. Each ceremony may be unique as Spirit leads.

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