Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive guidance taps into the power center both within the client and the Shaman. Giving a voice to this Source within, Robbie can aid clients in hearing the messages in their heart, supporting them to take action and effect changes from that place of inner strength. Read More...

Shamanic Healing

Private healing sessions offer you insight through shamanic journeying, clearing lineage karma, healing past-lives trauma, energy healing, clearing blocks & limiting cyclical patterns, cutting unhealthy cords and attachments, soul retrieval, removal of entities, and more. [Read More...]

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is more about healing the spirit than curing a disease. Traditional healers aim to "make whole" by restoring well-being and harmony within a fragmented soul. [Read More...]

Drum Healing

We are made of light, sound, energy waves. That's why we resonate to sound and why sounds are so healing for our emotional and physical bodies. [ Read More...]

House Cleansings & Blessing

Many times heavy energy (energy that is not ours) can get trapped in our homes. Sometimes this happens before we lived there, or it happens when there are arguments or even when guests leave their energy behind. [Read More...]

Releasing Ceremony

Over time, we can become stuck in our lives and on our paths, and there are times when we need to let go of these things that are keeping us stuck. [Read More...]

Mother Earth Medicine Lodge

A Mother Earth Medicine Lodge is a prayer ceremony used for purification and healing. The Lodge itself represents the womb of Mother Earth. [Read More...]

Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is an honoring of Mother Earth. It explores the cardinal directions, their energies, power and animal spirit guides and the relationships of all living beings as we walk the Circle of Life. [Read More...]

Women’s Honoring Ceremonies

Rites of passage are the ceremonies and rituals that not only celebrate the individual and honor their growth, but also provide the essential context and energetic "boost" from one phase of life to the next. [Read More...]

Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

Wedding and Commitment ceremonies are a beautiful rite as we move to a new place in our lives. Wedding and Commitment ceremonies are a beautiful rite as we move to a new place in our lives. These ceremonies are designed to suit the spiritual paths of each individual as well as the path of the couple. [Read More...]

Funerals and Memorial Ceremonies

To honor a loved one who has transitioned to another plane is a difficult but incredibly empowering process. [Read More...]

Pet Memorials

Even though these are not "traditional" ceremonies, Robbie believes they are sacred and treat them as such. Releasing the physical body of an animal companion is never easy. [Read More...]