Animal Guides


The Power of Animal Guides is a day-long retreat facilitated by Robbie Warren.  During this retreat, the students will begin exploring the power of animal guides by delving more into the medicine and messages of animals.  Robbie will facilitate hands-on experiences, ceremonies, and rituals that will allow students to connect and begin developing long-lasting relationship with their animal guide.

The natural power of animal Spirit Guides has not been lost.   The knowledge and power of animal guides is alive and can be effectively used to improve our lives and all of creation.   American Indians call the process of connecting with animal guides and other parts of creation as being ‘One with Nature.’

Connecting with your animal guide(s) will enrich you as a human being.  You will be healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  In being ‘One with Nature’, you will see the world and all things in it with more clarity and understanding.

Animals are fully connected to the divine, Great Spirit. Animals have beautiful, and balanced emotions.  They love and defend one another. They feel sorrow and melancholy. Their existence is free of greed, envy, and hate.  They live their entire lives without sin.

All Animals are created and live their lives with many amazing powers. Each species uses their powers to benefit their own and the divine harmony of nature for all animals including humans. There is a reason why the Creator put all of us together on the same planet…to learn from one another.

Some of life’s most powerful lessons and demonstrations are given to us through animals. They remind us that we are only a small part of creation; that each part of creation has a place; that each creature has its own skill and wisdom.

For the learning process to begin we must develop a relationship with one or more animal guides, and this requires time and patience.  Developing a connection to animal guides does not require the physical presence of an animal. Instead, we will learn about the traits, habits, skills and spirit of the animal from afar.

 Both domesticated and free animals offer an immense heritage of myth, folklore, and symbolism.  As we learn about animals, it is important to know their symbolic meaning as a point of reference and comparison, however, we must keep in mind that symbols are cultural in nature and differ from place to place, from time to time and may not reflect the nature of the animal as you feel it.  Give time to the study of their characteristics, habitat, and position in the eco-system.

As with any new knowledge, practice is important to hone learning into a useful skill.  The rewards will be understanding, love, light energy, skillful knowledge, and wisdom.  Moreover, the reward is having a powerful spiritual friend to navigate the journey of life.

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