(Practical Shamanism Comprehensive is a pre-requisite)

This Shamanic Immersion is designed to delve deeper into the Shamanic practices and to working in a constant state of connection to the Spirit World. We will come together as a group to support each other and to connect on the deepest levels to our own true calling by Spirit.

This will be a time of self-exploration and understanding through the ancient ways of the Shamans. It is time for us to step up and be prepared for the path in front of each of us. This will take us all to places in our lives and in our spiritual practices that we can barely imagine right now.

The Immersion will focus on 3 aspects of preparation, exposing and removing our fears/blocks, creating personal relationships with our Guides, and becoming open to our visions and inspirations.

 Ceremonies will include:

*Shamanic Breathwork

*Trance Work

*Plant Medicine

*Releasing through Fire

*Honoring the Animal Totems

*Physical Healing Work

*Vision Seeking

*Focused Dance Work

*Astral Travel (remote healing)

We will use all of the tools we studied in the Comprehensive course to move forward into this deeper practice, and way of being.

Energy Exchange:

Energy Exchange – $1280 for the full 6 day (3 Weekend) course, including lodging.

To register for this course, please contact Robbie via email Robbie@OtterDance.com to receive the Registration Form for this course.

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