Practical Shamanism Comprehensive is a 6-day hands-on course designed for those who are feeling the call to Shamanism, Medicine Work to move into the Space as a healer and for those who have a desire to learn more about Shamanic practices and ceremonies to enhance their Spiritual Growth and self-healing.

In this Course, we will explore the core of Shamanism and have hands on experience in various Shamanic Practices and Ceremonies.  This course is designed to provide you a deeper understanding of Shamanism and it’s practices as well as providing you guidance in integrating these practices into your path as a healer for others or your own self-healing.


Traditional Teachings Include:

Day 1

Medicine Wheel for Newsletter *Sacred Pipe Ceremony

*Working with the Medicine Wheel

*Becoming the Hollow Bone (conduit for healing)

*Working with Your Personal Altar

*Creating Personal Ceremony

Day 2

Sacred Tools *Traditional Shamanic Journeying for Others

*Meeting & Communicating with the Animal Guides

*Understanding Sacred Tools

*Blessing the animal hides for Drum making

Day 3

Drum 2 *Sound and Vibrational Healing Work

*Calling in your Medicine Song

*Drum making

Day 4

Wisdom-of-Ages-Autumn-Skye *Hands on healing work

*Medicine Tools and use

*Holding sacred space for others

*Seeing beyond the physical

Day 5

Soul Retrieval *Energetic Clearing & Protection

*Soul Retrieval Ceremony

*Working with Fire in Ceremony

Day 6

10947249_1516592748585476_5408994077803675618_n *Purification Ceremony

*Closing Circle

Energy Exchange:

Energy Exchange – $1212 for the full 6-day course, including all materials to make your Medicine Drum and books.

To register for this course, please contact Robbie via email to receive the Registration Form for this course.

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