Practical Shamanism Basics is a 4-day course designed for those who are feeling the call to study Shamanism, Medicine Work to move into the space as a healer and for those who have a desire to learn more about Shamanic practices and ceremonies to enhance their Spiritual Growth.

In this course, we will discover the core of Shamanism that weaves through various cultures from around the world.  This course is designed to provide you with a broad foundation of practices and ceremonies to assist you in your path as a healer or to enhance your current Spiritual Practices.

Students will come together for hands-on exploration and training in shamanic ceremonies, healing practices, and energy work. Students will learn to create your own Medicine tools, Sacred bundles, and Medicine Drums and to step into and hold Ceremony.

Traditional Teachings Include:

Day 1

Altar *Becoming the Hollow Bone
(conduit for healing)

*Working with Your Personal Altar

*Creating Personal Ceremony

*Working with and creating the Medicine Wheel

Day 2

Animal Guide PSB *Traditional Shamanic Journeying for Others

*Meeting & Communicating with the Animal Guides

*Understanding Sacred Tools

Day 3

Drum Mystery School *Sound and Vibrational Healing Work

*Calling in your Medicine Song

*Drum making

Day 4

Fire Ceremonies PSB *Energetic Clearing & Protection

*Working with Fire in Ceremony

Energy Exchange:

Energy Exchange – $808 for the full 4 day course, including all materials to make your Medicine Drum and books.

To register for this course, please contact Robbie via email to receive the Registration Form for this course.

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