It is the goal of Otter Dance and Robbie Warren to ensure that we are being good stewards of Mother Earth and our connection to all that is sacred.  In addition to offering events and ceremonies for the community as well as working with people individually, Robbie Warren teaches a variety of courses.  Within every course, Robbie guides her students on an exploration of ancient teachings, wisdoms, and ceremonies that prove to be relevant today.  As a result, students are empowered to open their heart and embrace their own truth and discover their calling to service for their self and others.

Earth Medicine Practical Shamanism Courses

These teachings are for those who are called to this spiritual path of service in a deeply connected way. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life from cultures around the planet. The teachings of shamanism focus on our connection to nature and promote well-being of all creation. If it is time for you to step onto this Path of Service, this teaching will help you open your heart and see the truth of yourself. This course will challenge you to bring forward the authentic and tangible Healer that is within you. It will also empower you to remember your connection to all that is Sacred, to all our Relations and to Mother Earth. [Read More...]

Living the Medicine Wheel-Day Retreat

There are many interpretations and symbols applied to the wheel, however, the basic principle is the same. My teaching of the wheel is based upon Native American teachings as well as my own understandings and experiences provided from Spirit. Together, we will explore these different meanings and understand how to work with the Medicine Wheel in creating the life we desire. We will learn how to tap into the energies of the Medicine Wheel for guidance and better understanding of situations and circumstances. We will explore the way the Indigenous people have looked at the world for eons. [Read More...]

The Power of Animal Medicine-Day Retreat

The Power of Animal Guides is a day-long retreat facilitated by Robbie Warren. During this retreat, the students will begin exploring the power of animal guides by delving more into the medicine and messages of animal. Robbie will facilitate hands-on experiences, ceremonies, and rituals that will allow students to connect and begin developing long-lasting relationship with their animal guide. [Read More...]